Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me in Normandy

Dreams and Valor


This is a story about a dream, a dream about valor. A dream about honoring those of valor.  A dream of seeking for the best of life.

The very old oak trees sheltered the podium.   The podium was one set with flag covered caskets, flags of many nations.  The usher helped begin the procession of many who were there to honor these people. 

The people who were being honored had done their best to climb the heights of life.   The dream was about mountain climbers who had lost their lives in their pursuit of the highest mountain peak.

Flag covered caskets.  Flag covered caskets on a stage.

The many were women in white and men in dark blue with gold buttons.  The many came to pay tribute to the dead.   The usher wondered, were the many paying tribute to the dead or the dead’s attempt for attainment to a higher purpose. 

The usher wondered if this was the meaning of valor and bravery.  Men and women who pushed the limits of life instead of accepting the daily life routine.  Valor is also used to describe the men and woman who have died for a cause. 

The many, the women in white and the men in blue paraded through the oak trees and paid tribute to the flag draped caskets.  The many were accompanied by gold and silver doves.   A lovely tribute.  The usher had helped prepare the multitude for the doves.

The dream ended with the usher sitting on the beach, smelling the sea air and wondering about valor.   A gold dove sat on his shoulder.   The usher thought, there is valor also in those who fight the daily war of life itself.   The dove winked and flew away. 

Those that climb the mountains or die in war should be and are honored accordingly.  The ushers, the Everyman need to be honored as well.

My dream and one man’s opinion.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dr. Fore Thinking

Bonobo Haiku

A lost Haiku of the beloved Dr. Fore found by Joop van Poepen a cultural anthropologist in the Land O' Holes who has found the Lost Fore Scriptures.    Joop is an expert in digging in poop and mud and thus, his ulitmate findings to date.

Words about God's Creation by Dr. Fore from the van Poepen discoveries.

Literary criticism by  Sing Song Sang, literary expert from the University of China.

Bonobo. Ethics.
Human. Male, female. Sexings.
Case by case. Of course.

Dr. Fore again expands upon another central pillar of his teaching:  sexings. Case by case situation as Dr. Fore always writes. Referring to the bonobo, a perhaps primitive primate, and ethics Dr. Fore brings into question
the much debated issue between the difference between the human and what some call the animal. What is the difference? Is there a bridge between the animal world and human world? Dr. Fore does not address this directly but does call it into question with the use of the word ethics. Ethics. Where does this
come from? Is it unique to the human existence?

Ethics and sexings. This is of course is one of the major issues in  the maturation process of the human primate. How does one use their sexings?  By saying Human, Ethics, Sexings, Case by Case, Dr. Fore reiterates his
strongly held belief that each adult must determine her own destiny, fate, by coming to terms with their own sexuality. Monkeys do it; dogs do it; how do you do it? Forming an ethical conclusion in relationship to sexuality: Is this the difference between the animal primate and the human primate?  Case by case. Dr. Fore accents this by saying, *of course*. *Of course* suggests this seems to be common sense. 

Why make demands on other's sexuality. Male, Female, Sexings. Dr. Fore, with the use of these words
however appears to be ascribing to sexings an inherently male and female (female and male) character. While we can look at our neighbors the bonobo or others and their male to male or female to female, (and etc.), sexual habits,  the human being seems most complimented in a male and female relationship.  This statement is not one of judgment. Only a statement of Dr. Fore's sense of the common sense. Sexings remains, of course, case by case for the endearing Dr Fore. 

Thank you for your cooperation.
Very truly yours,
Dr. Fore