Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eatings and drinkings and sexings

Thus,  the manifestation of the consciousness in regard to the physcial time and space reality is called the spirit.  The Spirit works and thrives and actually requires, eatings, drinkings and sexing for its existence.  This is then the words of the Beloved Dr. Fore:   Eatings, drinkings and sexings.   Sexings of course case by case.

Thus saith the dear and beloved Dr. Fore.

My Thought about life

What is on my mind? Consciousness captured in time and space by a vessel that is doomed by a terminal disease with no known end game.  Before life consciousness is a baby and as that baby is born, it cries.  Consciousness begins with a baby crying and ends with the baby's family crying. 

Where does that Consciousness go?    That of course is the question not answered through out history.   When we die?   

The physical body that retains that consciousness is built of molecules and instincts and other stuff, and likes sports and music and thrives on eatings and drinkings and sexings and creating art and culture that the consciousness seems to compel the  body to create for fullfillment to the spirit.... Art and Music.   The spirit being the expression of the Consciousness. in the body...  Art and music:   The expressions of the Consciousness and therefore, perhaps, the meaning of the Spirit of Man?   Reference::